About Me

Hey there,  I’m Sue…Mom, Wife, Dog Lover, and digital marketing enthusiast.

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I wanted to start this blog to share my journey in building a mobile business, you know,

one that once rolling along, gives you the time, location, and income freedom to really enjoy

life rather than working to pay bills, trading time for money, and wondering how you

are going to cover it all without breaking.


My family has experienced the economic concerns of getting let go from a job and having to leave a job

for health reason.  I’ve lost a job with an hour to get out of the building on the

exact day I was given a pat on the back and told I was doing a great job. My husband has

had to quit a job where he earned good money because of health issues, and after three

years of waiting on a disability determination, we are still waiting),  it’s really apparent

that creating multiple streams of income and passive streams of income is vital.

Don’t you think worrying about money all the time sucks the life right out of you? I do!

So let’s not do that.


If you also have the desire to build a business or streams of revenue you control that

also give you the freedom to work from anywhere, have a flexible schedule, and  income

streams that produce leveraged income than this blog is for you, and I would love to  hear

from you.

Other stuff about me…

I also own a video marketing  site where you can purchase video and graphic assets for your

business, as well as an online digital Franchise membership site.









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