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Are You Willing to Build an Online Business…Before You Say Yes, Read This…

I’m listening to a book right now called UNFU*K YOURSELF by Gary John Bishop.   It offers some interesting perspectives about why we are where we are, such as this statement you may find yourself rolling your eyes over.

you have the life you are willing to put up with.

If that statement does not make you sit and do some reflection, read it again.

We have the life we are willing to put up with.

 The important word here is WILLING.  For some people, the author adds, asking what you are no longer willing, or unwilling, to put up with is more action provoking.

The questions of what you are still willing or no long willing to put up with in your current life gives you strength or resolve to change things.

So, when you find yourself thinking about learning how to make money online so you can have more money and freedom, but in the next breath you give up because you don’t have any extra money left over in your month to fund a business ask yourself …

Are you willing  or unwilling to give up your fancy coffees you buy every day so you can reallocate the money to building an online business

Are you willing or unwilling to cancel your paid tv service and get a roof antenna or exchange the expensive monthly bill for Hulu, Netflix, or Prime so you can reallocate the funds to building an online business?

Are you willing or unwilling to have a garage sale and invest the proceeds into business expenses

Are you willing or unwilling to use the money you get from a cash back on credit card purchases program, on funding the business you say you want to grow.

Are you  willing or unwilling to shop at a great second hand store vs buying new so you can have more to invest in growing a business.

The point is, when you ask yourself if you are willing or unwilling to do things that will create opportunities to move yourself closer to a goal you say you have, and your answer is no, then maybe you need to reexamine the goal.  

Little things, done consistently, really add up. For example, if your daily coffee stop on the way to work costs you $2.68, and you get coffee just five times a week, in a month, you are looking at a minimum of $54.  And, be honest, do you just have that coffee one time each day or never on the weekend.

So, are you willing or unwilling to give up buying fancy coffee( or other things) so you can have money to invest in building an online business?  Let me know in the comments below.

Maybe a shortage of money is not what has been holding you back from building an online business, maybe you have an unwillingness to come home from your day job and work several more hours on building an online business. 

Maybe you have an unwillingness to learn new skills you need to build a business, or a dozen other reasons you’ve been telling yourself.  

According to the book Unfu*k You, and I agree, until you are willing to do what it will take to reach your goals, you won’t.  You know that, so what is holding you back?

Why are you Unwilling?

I find FEAR holds many of us back from doing what we need to do. We are unwilling to face our fears. People always seek pleasure and try to avoid pain.  And we want to avoid pain so much that even when we know what we want is on the other side, we are still unwilling to go for it.   



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