Easy Low Cost Screen Recording Options

Easy Low Cost Screen Recording Options

I’m about to share two

Easy low cost screen recording options,

for making videos;  Screen share videos  have so many uses for entrepreneurs

and small business owners.  In this post, I’ll share two  of the  screen

recording options, I use in my  business, that will help you share

value, build your brand, and grow your online business. 


You’ll find Screen Recording videos is a great option for you if you are nervous about

being in front of the camera.  And even if you aren’t ready to show your face on screen yet,

you’ll still be able to accomplish  one of the biggest  goals of video marketing…Creating

a bond with your audience.



Don’t Lose the opportunity to build your audience

with video because you’re not comfortable on camera. You can

still build a bond with your audience with screen

share videos. Just let them hear your personality and share value


One of the biggest reasons videos are so powerful is because people can

see and hear you. They get to know, like, and trust  you much faster this way.

Be yourself,  don’t try to impress your 7th grade English teacher.

I seriously put a business suit on the first time I cut a video way back.

Not the way to grow an online business unless

your business is selling suits or dressing to the max.


So you may be wondering how  or what kind of videos to cut

without showing your face  in them (which I highly encourage you

to work your way up to)


Easiest Types of Screen Share Videos to Cut

I suggest starting your journey toward  ” I can’t wait to cut a video for

my audience with my smiling face in it  ”  with …


  • How to or tutorial  videos
  • Sharing a tip, trick, or resource  
  • You could also try digital product reviews as they can be reviewed on screen
  • Membership Videos about your topic
Don’t Worry…

if you are new to this industry and feel like you have nothing

to share, think of something you want to know how to do,

research it, and then cut a video about the topic.  You can even

say, you are on a journey to XYZ and wanted to share a great tip,

trick, resource, etc.


Cool,  so now you know what you want to share, let’s get into two great ways

to share your screen and record if you are not ready to jump into live

video just yet. But first…

Why I choose these two screen sharing options to discuss:

I chose these two easy low cost screen  recording options

because even though they are low cost or free, they  get the job done, which,

in my book means great value.  And when  I say easy, I mean it.  You will get

the basics in a couple of minutes, and the  the more advanced editing

options won’t take much longer to master.


Additionally, both allow you to be

on camera or off,  both allow you to share

with embed code or link, and both ways of recording your screen

with these two options for screen recording

are super easy to use. I like fast learning curves,  don’t you.  Watch the

demo videos in this post for more feature details…

Two easy ways to record your screen and voice that are also very affordable


  1. https://screencast-o-matic.com/ 

(I’ve hooked you up with 20% off the normal already low prices when you buy with the link above or any other links in this post)

This is a sweet little tool that just keeps getting better.  It started out

in the educational industry, but it’s now really popular with marketers, as well.

It’s a huge value at only $36 for three years for the pro level (no ads and longer


Image of three year pricing for solo deluxe level of Screencast-0-matic screen recording software

or pay by the single year

pricing options for monthly solo deluxe and hosting for screencast-o-matic

If you decide you want to be in the recording and  have a laptop camera, you can just use that.

If not, pick up a webcam online or at your local retailer and use it. I have a

Logitec C910 and an HD Logitec ProStream. It’s less important what camera you use. In other words,

don’t use not having the right camera as an excuse not to share your unique personality on

camera.  Your fans are waiting. 🙂


But, if you are not going to be in the video, yet :-), you don’t need a camera  to use the

screen recording features.  It’s easy to choose to leave your camera off with both

screen recording options.


There are a lot of great editing tools in Screencast-o-matic, like the ability to

blur out sensitive data, do text overlays, add a second video to your video when editing,

add music to your video, and you can even add closed caption in different languages .

They also have a lot of tutorial videos, and when I’ve asked support a question, they

got back to me in about a day.

Make Sure  You Watch The Demo Videos Where

I Go Into More Details

I’ve cut a demo video for you and posted it below, so you can see the recording

quality.  I think that’s vital in screen recording.  It’s quite annoying to watch a

tutorial that is blurry 🙁  .  I’ve incorporated some of the editing features,

but there’s a lot more to explore.


Here is your demo

This is also hosted with Screencast-o-matic . A very affordable hosting option

Image from back office of Screencast-o-matic easy low cost screen recording option

easy low cost screen sharing back office image from screencast-o-matic
Get Screencast-o-matic with for a discount here



  2. Option Two for easy low cost screen recording 



Loom is a sweet little Chrome Browser extension that you

can grab through the link above. It sits in your browser bar

until you need to record something.


Just click on it to start using it.  There are some very

unique features with Loom. One feature I really like is

when you share your recording with someone, you will be notified

when it has been  watched.  Another feature that we all know

and love from social media sites, is expression of opinion with

emojis which has been added to Loom .


The Loom Chrome extension  is currently free;  there is also a

beta desktop version free for beta testers until  it officially

launches.   I won’t get into the differences now other than to say

the desktop version is only available at the time of this writing for

very short videos, and offers higher quality recording.


I think the image quality on the free browser extension option  is pretty good.

I’ll post a demo video below…


To record without being on camera, just choose screen onlyLoom easy low cost screen recording option chrome extension setup option image
Loom easy low cost screen recording option share options image


Once you’re done recording, click the arrow for sharing options.

when someone opens the e-mail you sent with your Loom

link it looks like this (this is Google e-mail view)

screen shot of what a Loom video link looks like when it lands in your gmail account

Either of the two

Easy low cost screen recording options

will do a great job for you.  If your goal is to send a video to someone in

an email, I think Loom is  great, but does cut in and out a bit with my

voice and mic.  The desk top version when it comes out of beta

will be full HD and most likely with clearer audio.


If you want to do more editing to your videos right now,

you should go with Screencast-o-matic.  The Chrome extension of Loom

just does not offer the editing options that Screencast-o-matic has.   From what

I’m seen about  what’s in store for the Loom desk top version, it may come down

to one or two key feature difference, and price value, once Loom launches.


Summing it up, there are many options for screen recording where you can

have your face on or off camera.  I’ve just shared two I’ve used myself in my

online business.  What it comes down to, is finding the one that doesn’t

get you bogged down in a tech nightmare that’s robust enough to

handle the edits you want.

Note: these two options are not meant for those recording gaming. They

work great for small business and entrepreneurs growing an online business

to get in, create your content, get a quick render, and move on.


Thanks for reading  this post. I’d love to read your comments about  other

low cost and easy to use screen recording options,

so, please let me know your thoughts below.

Thanks for being here,


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