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WebGraphicsCreator -Creating Marketing Graphics the Easy Way

 Webgraphicscreator is one of the tools I use in my business to create marketing graphics.  So, today, I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you the view from the inside because I don’t care what kind of business you have, having the right tools in your tool box helps you get the job done better, faster, and maybe even under budget.  One thing all businesses have to do is create marketing content or have it all done for them.

Webgraphicscreator, by Laughingbird Software, is cloud based, though you can by everything individually in downloadable format. I am really into cloud based marketing solutions now because being able to access the products from anywhere, on any computer, fits the laptop lifestyle and saves loads of room on your home computer.

With the the cloud based Webgraphicscreator, all the individual  products are included and you pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee. It’s very affordable even at the monthly rate.


What you can edit …

You can do some pretty easy and cool looking edits. I’ve been using it to create the featured images for this blog, so if you like how they look, you have an idea of what you can do in just a few minutes with WebGraphicsCreator.  It’s setup with a ton of templates which you can completely edit. You can adjust the layers easily bringing elements forward or sending them back,   add shadows, blur, change colors on any item or text. It’s even possible to   make the inside of text pull from an image.  Because it’s hooked up to Google fonts you should be able to find the style text you want for your graphic. I’ve included  the creator’s overview video at the bottom of this post for more feature specifics.

Sample Image I made to give you an idea of  what you can make 

image made with web graphic creator

You can save graphics you create with a transparent background  PNG or a JPEG.   In addition to all the included elements and templates,  you can import files.  It’s super easy to create graphics with WebGraphicCreator .

The image below shows the major categories of graphics you can create.  Inside of each of the categories are subcategories.  Your possibilities are endless.  I also think it’s important to point out that Marc and Lisa have a Facebook group for owners of the program and software and continue to upgrade and add to the offerings. template and editing options


With WebGraphicsCreator,  you can  also have a video as part of your image.  Like the example below,  which I’ll share on Social media as a GIF pointing to this post.  You only have a few seconds to grab attention, a video graphic may help encourage someone to take the action of clicking your link to learn more.

Sample of a gif I created with webgraphiccreator

When you add a video to your graphic, it can be saved as a video or a gif. The video,  will render  in webm format which is easily converted to mp4  with a free converter.  The creators at Laughing bird, a husband and wife team, include the link to the converter for convenience, though they do not own the converter.

I really like WebGraphicCreator. It has a few glitchy moments, but most cloud based app and programs do. Clearing your cookies or exiting and logging back in normally takes care of  the glitchiness.

An Overview from the Creators of WebGraphicCreator ( Web Graphic Creator)…

Check out this video from Marc and Lisa Sylvester about WebGraphicCreator


Tools and software are an important part of my business.  You can pick it up by clicking here or on  any of  the links in this post.  They offer a  one week free trial. And, since you can sell the graphics you create, maybe you can make enough before the trial is over to pay for the entire  six month, which is currently only $67.


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